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From Things to Services

Connected and Smart Things becomes Services. With knowledge (IoT School) and creativity you can create services that can transform your organization and its business model. The services that we can create with connected and smart products can be simple as an alert to an unexpected event until the self-regulation of things (devices). From virtual simulation of a physical product to study its behavior, to the way in which this product behaves with its environment, that is, how it interacts with other devices and people. And finally to the way that these devices can do business with other devices through micro transactions and smart contracts.

What kind of services does your company need?

The goal is to learn how to create IoT prototypes by building a test IoT lab and applying knowledge of the IoT school courses. But, how to go from prototype to product? The challenge is that IoT Services can be complex because it requires knowledge and skills from different fields, namely a multidisciplinary issue. In this context, an ecosystem is needed, in which the contribution and collaboration of many actors is required

IoT Templates

Bring Your Device Quickly and Easily to Market

As we mentioned above, IoT solutions can be quite complex. However, the development of IoT will follow the same development as always: We will create an "IoT Word Press (WP)" (to build an advanced web site, it is not necessary to do it from scratch, thanks to WP). The processes of IoT solutions are increasingly simplified for two main reasons: Leading IoT companies have understood that they have to make the most of IoT solutions if they want to succeed. On the other hand, the emergence of a vital ecosystem that favors close collaboration between different actors in order to create robust IoT solutions greatly facilitates IoT solutions.

So designing smart and cloud-connected devices does not have to be a difficult process. Our goal is to help you to create IoT prototypes, but also to go from prototypes to products, what it means to help you to give your next Internet of Things (IoT) device design a quicker start by using IoT Templates. We will build an online community in order to create IoT Templates so you can accelerate your IoT solutions.

Things (products/devices) can be transformed by becoming connected, smart, virtual, having relationships with other things and finally doing business with other things as well

IoT Test Lab

To create prototypes of IoT Services you need to build an IoT test Lab. You can get help by clicking here

Local IoT TestLab

This is the current IoT Lab, but it will continue to grow to become a TestLab with greater capacity. At the moment we also have the collaboration of a University in Sweden that allows us to use this laboratory for more advanced IoT projects

Virtual IoT Lab

Our ambition is also to have a virtual IoT Lab in order to work on remote projects, where remote assistance is already possible thanks to new technologies, as the video below shows

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