Discover the World of IoT by learning to build Smart Things

A strategic factor to compete today is the ability to constantly learn new things so as not to fall behind. The challenge is that the development of technology is exponential. So, the question is how is your personal development and even more important how is the development of your company to acquire new knowledge and skills that will allow you to innovate? According to Peter Drucker, business is nothing more than innovation and marketing . Then without the capacity to innovate, it is difficult to compete in today's world. So, what about the capacity to Innovate and create Digital Transformation?

Lack of necessary skills are the main cause of problems with IoT, according to the graph above. The IoT school shows the way, read more about what you and your company can do to open doors of innovation and new opportunities by mastering the world of smart things. Welcome tho the IoT School!

What are Connected Things?

What are Smart Things?

What are Virtual Things?

  • This site is about Things: Connected, Smart, Virtual Things. Things making business.
  • This site is about Convergence: IoT + AI + AR because connected, smart and virtual things required convergence
  • This site is about Innovation because connected, smart and virtual things are a prerequisite for innovation

In this IoT School you will learn how to create Connected, Smart and Virtual Things. How things can make business with other smart things. For now you can have access to four Master Courses that will introduce you to the world of intelligent things and the principles of IoT related to AI and AR in order to accelerate your knowledge and skills in these strategic areas for the world of tomorrow


Where are you now? Where do you want to go? No matter what your main activity is, if you want to learn about IoT and the impact in your development and in your business, this school is the right start. Discover and Explore the world of IoT by creating: Connected Things, Smart Things, Virtual Things, Relationships with Things and Doing business with Things:

Connected Things

  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Implementation

From Internet to connected devices (things). How a thing (product) can became a service by connecting it to an IoT Cloud platform.
This course applies principles of product design in a broad and deep way. At the same time the fundamental principles of an IoT architecture that can support connected product are implemented. One of the best ways to learn the principles of IoT

Smart Things

  • Smart Cloud
  • Smart Edge

This course is mostly about IoT Edge, which means that more and more intelligence (AI) from the Cloud is moving to Edge, close to the connected devices. In this way, AI becomes more decentralized, which benefits the local devices that can utilize much better AI and become more smarter

Relationships with Things

Create comprehensive models of physical environments. Create spatial intelligence graphs to model the relationships and interactions between people, places, and things. Query data from a physical space rather than disparate sensors from devices. And, build reusable, highly scalable, spatially aware experiences that link streaming data across the physical and digital world.

Do Business with Smart Things

Do you want to build digital business models where smart things do business with each other? IEEE is working on a new standard for smart communities, which can open up a billion market. Learn how to get started. Imagine what you could do if smart things could make a deal and do business with each other with micro payments. A vehicle buys a garage space, a clock buys a bus ticket and a drill buys electricity.

A standard for this is now compiled: "IEEE IoT Harmonization" (P1451.99). It contains an architecture that includes a security framework and services for decision support, publication, financial feedback, legal identities, smart contracts, ownership of things and information and revenue generation.

You can learn what it takes to get you started. The smart things (IoT) need to be able to find each other, agree in a legally sustainable way and do business safely, decentralized, autonomous and in real time. All this is possible with the right skills


The courses described above cover end-to-end applications for the future. However, you may need more knowledge to get more out of these courses. Here we present additional courses that are designed with the sole purpose of helping you better understand the key courses above

Tutorials: Unity, Mixed & Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence

Why do we need to lean Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Because AI is a very important part of IoT. IoT is about collecting data (sensor data) from the physical world. With AI we can get insights from these data and take action (create smart things). Why do we need to learn Unity, Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR? Unity is a game engine and MR and AR applications are developed in Unity. MR and AR allows to create Virtual Things (Connect the physical and the virtual word). Read more about these courses below

Introduction to Unity

Learn more

Introduction to MR/AR

Learn more

Introduction to AI

Learn more

Tutorials: Programming with C#

Remember that we mainly use two platforms that are central for our IoT applications described in the courses mentioned above. These main platforms are Azure IoT and Unity. We need a programming language to program these platforms and we use C# (Unity requires C #, while Azure works with different languages)

C# Basic

Learn more

C# Intermiede

Learn more

C# Advanced

Learn more

Introduction Azure Functions

Learn more

Who are interested in these courses?

In general, all those who wish to follow the latest advances in new technologies in order to create Innovation and Digital Transformation:

  • Students of the computer science degree
  • Professionals working with computer technology
  • CEO who needs strategies to face the future with confidence
  • Companies interested in competing successfully in the Internet era creating innovation
  • Education Centers that wish to provide high-level and modern training in the area of computing

These courses will be available on our online education platform that is under construction

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