...Innovation starts by connecting one thing ...

All started by teaching how the Arduino classic micro control works and how to connect simple sensors to the Internet. Then I realized that something more is needed to achieve with IoT: An architecture in order to make end-to-end solutions.

However, this could not be all. Ok, everything is connected and what happens next? What happens to the data of the sensors that are emitted all the time? It is not difficult to imagine in these times where AI is predominant that IoT is made to match AI. We need to convert the large amounts of data that connected things are produced into insights to take action that has a specific objective.

Well, I thought everything would end here, but when I was teaching Unity and trying to see how to use my Hololens to create Mixed Applications I discovered something very interesting. Unity had become more than an engine game (by the way this was never my goal). Unity is now the indispensable tool that is used in the area of engineering and industrial processes in order to fuse the physical and digital world through the creation of Digital Twin. This allows us to simulate the physical world in a virtual way, but maintaining contact with the real world, thanks to IoT that allows the transmission of data from the physical / real world to the digital / virtual world

Well, when several devices are connected, one begins to ask deeper things: What is important when we connect many devices in a limited space, such as offices, buildings, etc.? Then, you realize that the important thing is no longer how we connect a particular device, but the important thing is to design the relationship that must exist between the different devices, the people and the place. In other words, what is important are the relationships in a given context

Well, I thought that everything ends here, until I get in touch with a leading Swedish company that takes everything to the last level: Things are connected, smart, automats and can do business with each other. I had already imagined this development when I understood how Block Chain works and saw the potential of how this technology could be used with IoT to reach this last level. However, this was still far away. I thought then, but not anymore, because this is already becoming a reality

The objective of this company is to experiment with the new technologies. The best way to do it is by teaching the development of this new technologies and apply them to the concrete world, in this case to the world of things. To experience we need knowledge, that's why we are creating the IoT School and we also need to create a laboratory to carry out the experiments.

The main objective of experimenting is to create prototypes and promote innovation in order to use it to create solutions that contribute to the development and wellbeing of humanity. The ambition of IoT Creative is to contribute with strategic knowledge through the IoT School and creating the conditions for the creation of physical or virtual test labs through an online community coming soon

The Team

Today, a team can consist of people who work together during a project and can be anywhere in the world. The morning solutions demand new forms of collaboration. Join us!

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Alvaro Claure Covarrubias

Founder, CEO

Alvaro has a master’s degree in Physics and a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Stockholm-Universitet. Furthermore, Alvaro also has a degree in Pedagogy from the same University.
Microsoft Certificates & AI Courses

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Are you the Next?

Do you have crazy ideas that you should do with IoT, AI and AR? Or just work with these exciting technologies to solve tomorrow's problems? Join us!

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Are you the Next?

Do you have crazy ideas that you should do with IoT, AI and AR? Or just work with these exciting technologies to solve tomorrow's problems? Join us!

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